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How much does 285Kelvin costs?

You automatically benefit from all the features of 285Kelvin for 3 months from the date of your registration.
Once this period is over, you will have the choice to continue in the free version or to opt for the paid version.

How many bottles do I get in each pack?

It depends on the winegrowers who send them to us. Usually you can expect 5 or 6 bottles per pack. You are of course informed in advance of the number of bottles you will receive.

How can I avoid receiving bottles that I already have?

To avoid receiving bottles that you already have on the menu, we advise you to order appellations that you do not have, whether it is a French PDO or not.

How many people can take part in each tasting?

For official tastings, the minimum is set to 10 people (including a professional, yourself), but you can go up to 30 people if necessary.

For private tastings, there is no minimum number of tasters.

Can I do tastings with other bottles than those of the packs?

Yes, of course! This will be a private tasting, and you can easily do this with the 285Kelvin app.

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