Increase your visibility and sales with digital blind wine tasting

285Kelvin offers winegrowers a reliable and free alternative to wine competitions and wine fairs.

Your samples are tasted at our reseller partners and their customers, spread all over France (and soon in the world).

Dégustation à l'aveugle digitalisée


In 2023, selling wine is not always easy!

The situation is the same every year: the wine market in France and elsewhere is beginning to be saturated and competition between winegrowers is often tough.

And this situation can have serious consequences: lack of opportunities, loss of income, or even for some, the door is closed!

Le marché du vin en France

Solutions exist, but they are imperfect…

Perte de confiance des concours de vin

Here’s what you could be doing right now to increase your sales:

You could, for instance, have your wines awarded in competitions, but these are often expensive (between €50 and €200 per wine entered) and do not necessarily have a significant impact on your sales.

You could also take part in fairs and exhibitions. But they are very time-consuming, with a return on investment that is not always worth it!

You could sell your wines in supermarkets or through e-commerce, but this often means cutting into your margins.

You could work with sales people, but will they make enough sales? Not to mention the fact that you have to pay them!

Finally, you could also travel to find buyers by yourself, but this is also very time consuming.

The app designed by winegrowers for winegrowers

The alternative and free solution to make yourself known

Discover the world’s first digital blind tasting web application.

How does it works? Send us samples of your wines, we anonymise them and make them available to wine professionals. Then they can organise blind tastings with their customers via our application.

Only at the end of the tasting do the participants find out about the wines and the scores they have obtained, which guarantees transparent and authentic scores and ratings.

Once all your samples of a wine have been tasted, you will receive a sticker with the score you have obtained to apply on your bottles.

285 Kelvin - professionnel-du-vin
Vignerons, contrôlez vos dépenses

Save time, control your expenses

285Kelvin helps you focus on your core business: making good wine.

No need to spend hours or thousands of euros at wine fairs and at contests.

No need to look for buyers, they will come to you.

Get genuine, authentic reviews of your wines

Several cognitive ways have been shown to increase the perceived value of a wine.

For example, the price of a bottle, the name of the estate, a cuvée or the label can completely distort the results of tastings.

Thanks to blind tasting with 285Kelvin, you will obtain scores and opinions that are representative of the quality of your wine.

We guarantee a minimum of 10 tasters, including 1 professional, for each sample you send.

Avis authentiques sur les vins
Augmenter ses ventes de vin

Increase your sales easily

Increase your visibility in France and abroad!
The wines you send are tasted by professionals in the French regions or countries of your choice.

The ratings from the blind tastings will allow you to sell more bottles by obtaining badges that you can affix to your bottles.

You can also set your public and professional prices, so that customers can order directly from the organiser at the end of the tasting.
If the organizer has appreciated your wine, he can even add it to his menu!


How does it works?

Step 1

You register your wines on 285Kelvin

Vintages, grape varieties, vinification and maturation methods… tell us all about your wines!

Step 2

You choose the tasting locations

Each sample can be tasted in a different French region or country. We recommend that you send a maximum number of bottles so that a greater number of people can taste your wines.

Step 3

Your bottles are shipped

You send your bottles to 285Kelvin. We take care of anonymizing the labels and sending your samples to wine professional partners.

Step 4

You discover your ratings

The grades and the tasting locations will be available after a maximum of 8 weeks.

Step 5

You can analyse the feedbacks

Visual, olfactory, tasting… You obtain a genuine and authentic assessment for each wine you sent.

Step 6

You get your stickers (badges)

We will send you a digital version – or a physical version on request (charged at cost) – of your new ratings.

Transparent ratings for each of your wines

285Kelvin - Démo app

A word from the founder

« 285Kelvin has been designed to save you time and money. It only takes a few seconds to have your wines tasted and discovered »

Jean-Baptiste BERNARD, founder of 285Kelvin and winegrower
Jean-Baptiste BERNARD, fondateur de 285 Kelvin et vigneron
Dégustation de vin à l'aveugle

You want to do your own tastings?
It’s possible!

Would you like to do a tasting directly at your estate? There a 3 possible ways to do it:

Quick tasting
An unplanned tasting? You can start a tasting quickly and add the bottles you want to discover as the tasting progresses.

Self-service tasting
You can use 285Kelvin for a “self-tasting” open door tasting during your big events, in order to get a maximum of feedback on the quality of your bottles and by letting your customers taste independently.

Classic tasting
A large group has booked a tasting or you want to organise a reception?
Organise and prepare the tasting in advance on 285Kelvin.

When you organise a tasting in advance you can broadcast it on social networks as well as on the 285Kelvin website to ensure a maximum number of participants and enhance your visibility.

285 Kelvin in numbers

Vignerons et Producteurs

This is the number of winegrowers who
trust us on a daily basis.

Dégustateurs de vin 285Kelvin

The number of tasters who have left one or more ratings via the 285Kelvin app

Dégustations de vin 285kelvin

The number of tastings organised by our partner wine professionals

List of features

  • Choice of tasting locations
  • Sending samples for tasting
  • 100% blind tasting and scoring
  • Follow-up of your ratings via the website
  • Free delivery of your stickers (badges)
  • Organisation of your own tastings
  • Follow-up of the location and date of each tasting
  • Taking orders from professionals
App 285 Kelvin - Dégustation de vin

Register for FREE

You can already start sending us bottles to get your first ratings. Using 285Kelvin is a 100% free of charge.

Your frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

285 Kelvin is 100% free for all winegrowers. All you have to do is send us the bottles you wish to have tasted via our website, and we will forward them to wine merchants / wine bars.

You get your ratings and badges within 8 weeks on average.

How many people take part in each tasting?

The minimum is 10 people at the professional partners who are tasting your wine.

It is possible to have up to 30 people per tasting, but usually you can expect about 15 people.

At your private tastings, there is no minimum number of participants.

How many bottles do I have to send?

You decide how many bottles you want to have tasted. There is no minimum or maximum number!
We advise you to send as many as you can, because at each tasting, there will be an average of ten participants. The more samples you send, the more people will taste your bottles.

How are the bottles I send distributed?

When you send us your samples, our algorithm will automatically match your bottles with those of other winegrowers according to different criteria such as colour, appellation, grape variety, location of the estate,…

We take care of sending them to professionals as soon as possible.

Where will my bottles be tasted?

Are you already an exporter? Or do you want to open up your market to other countries? With 285Kelvin you decide in which countries your bottles will be tasted. You collect the notes and feedback from local tasters.

Can I do some tastings myself?

Yes, you can!

All you have to do is get your visitors to download the 285Kelvin application and launch a private tasting. The tasters can then anonymously rate each bottle. The results are instantaneous.

When will my bottles be tasted?

We do our best to get the ratings as quickly as possible, but in reality it depends partly on the wine merchant/bar. Usually the bottles are tasted within 8 weeks

Do you want to have all or part of your bottles tasted as soon as possible in order to get a quick feedback or do you want to wait a little? 285Kelvin allows you to set up your preferred tasting schedule.

How can I check my results?

Your wines have been blind tasted at the official tastings and their scores generated.

If you are not happy with this, the scores will not be published. Would you like to have another tasting? Send us new bottles and the scores will be updated. This way you remain in control of your image.

My bottles have aged, how do I get them to taste again?

You can have a vintage rediscovered, even if it has already received a label. All you have to do is send us your bottles again. You will then receive a new label with the year of the new tastings.