Help, tutorials and frequently asked questions for wine tasters

How much does 285 Kelvin costs?

285 Kelvin for wine tasters is a 100% free.

At your next tasting, you will get a QR code to scan to access the virtual wine tasting room.

Who is sending the bottles I’m going to test?

It is small wine producers who want to be known that send their bottles. 285 Kelvin takes care of anonymising each sample and then transmitting them to professionals such as wine merchants or wine bars.

How do I rate each sample?

The next time you go to a professional wine tasting, you will have access to a virtual lounge where you can rate each wine you taste. This is a great way to help winegrowers promote themselves, while allowing you to recommend wines you’ve enjoyed to others.

How many people take part in the tasting?

The minimum is set to 10 people at a professional partner. Usually you can expect up to 15 people, although the maximum number of participants is set to 30.

When you do tastings at home, there is no minimum number of tasters.

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