About 285 Kelvin

285Kelvin corresponds to 12 degrees Celsius, which is the ideal temperature for aging wines.

Which wine did we taste ?”  A question we ask ourselves after every blind tasting.

This is what we call our digital tasting application.

Find out who is behind 285 Kelvin.

285 kelvin - Température de maturation du vin

Our founder

“My name is Jean-Baptiste, and I am the son of a winegrower in the Luberon.

After working for years as a Lead Developer in France, Switzerland and Australia, I finally decided to develop 285 Kelvin since 2020, in order to help winemakers to promote themselves, and wine shops or bars to renew their menu more easily.”
Jean-Baptiste BERNARD, fondateur de 285 Kelvin et vigneron

Our goal

To enable professionals to discover new winegrowers and expand their customer base while helping winegrowers to increase their visibility and sales.

Today, the wine world suffers from major inequalities. Some appellations have no more wines in stock while others are struggling to sell them.
Some appellations also suffer from a negative image among consumers and are struggling to get by.

At 285Kelvin, we believe that the image of a wine has become far too important in consumer choices and that the intrinsic quality of a wine is too often relegated to the background.

This is why all our bottles are tasted blind to take into account only the feeling.

Through 285Kelvin, we want to connect all the players in the market (wine merchants, wine bars, winegrowers and consumers) to create a rating system based on the authentic feelings of the tasters.

Le marché du vin en France

285 Kelvin

Deployment of 285Kelvin

How does it work?

285kelvin - Digital testing experience

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