Taste, discover and enjoy new wines. All for free!

285Kelvin is the free digital blind tasting app.

Do you want to contribute to the rating of wines, discover new winegrowers, learn about wine tasting or simply enjoy yourself? Take part in 285Kelvin tastings for free.

Visit your favourite wine shop or wine bar to discover new winegrowers and participate in wine scoring.

Dégustez, découvrez et appreciez de nouveaux vins

What is 285Kelvin?

It’s the app to taste, rate and discover new wines at your favourite wine shop or bar, for free.
285Kelvin - Démo app

How does it works?

How does the tasting works?

Step 1


Your wine merchant / wine bar invites you to participate in a blind tasting at his establishment.

Step 2


For each wine you taste, you give a rating on different criteria (visual, nose, mouth) as well as on the overall appreciation.

Step 3


At the end of the tasting you will find out which wines you have tasted (the estate, the prices, the grape varieties…)

Your ratings will be sent to the winegrowers anonymously.

Step 4


You have a crush on one of the wines you have tasted? You can order the chosen wines directly from the organiser.

Vignerons, contrôlez vos dépenses

Level up with your tastings

By participating in the tastings, you can reach different levels of progression.
Each level has been designed to suit your knowledge and vocabulary so that you can progress in your tasting skills.

Do you already have experience in tasting?
Inform the organisers during the tasting and they will be able to move you to a higher level during the tasting.

– Upon registration –


  • Free tasting
  • Access to the ratings of the tasted wines
  • Limited access to the rating criteria
  • Score out of 5
– 50 ratings required –


  • Free tasting
  • Access to all wine ratings
  • Access to a wide range of rating criteria
  • Score out of 10
– 100 ratings required –


  • Free tasting
  • Access to all wine ratings
  • Organisation of your own tastings
  • Access to all scoring criteria
  • Score out of 20
You can unlock the Pro features with the subscription from 20€ per year.
Dégustations de vins à la maison

Tastings at home

The pro level allows you to organise your own tastings at home.

Invite your friends, taste the wines and share your impressions.

By comparing your ratings with those of other tasters and analysing how you feel about each wine you taste and its characteristics, our algorithm will suggest wines you will like!

Upcoming tastings

Find below the list of upcoming tastings around you.

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Your Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

285Kelvin for tasters is 100% free.

Who sends the bottles I'm going to taste?

Winegrowers who want to make themselves known send their bottles to 285Kelvin
which is responsible for anonymising each sample and then sending them to
professionals such as wine merchants or wine bars.

How are the wines rated?

When you arrive at the tasting, scan a QRcode and follow the steps of the blind tasting proposed by 285Kelvin.
You will be asked to describe the wines visually, olfistically and then gustatively and to give an overall rating.

At the end of the tasting you will find out which wines you have tasted (the domains, the prices, the grape varieties, etc.).

How many people attend the tastings?

At our partner wine shops and wine bars, the minimum number of people is 10 and the maximum number is 30.

When you do tastings at home, there is no minimum number of tasters.